Our Staff

big-img96The core of what makes Clarendon Assisted Living such a wonderful place is our amazing caregivers. We are blessed with a group of highly skilled and loving individuals that have been with us for a very long time. Whereas the average caregiver turnover in an assisted living community is approximately 6 months, our average tenure is several years. This allows our residents to establish lasting bonds with their caregivers and allows the staff to learn the particulars of each resident.

Each day, our caregiver-to-resident ratio is 1:2. This ensures that always have enough caregivers to attend to all of our residents’ needs. We also have optional awake night staffing for residents that require that additional level of care.

But the ratio doesn’t tell the whole story. To be a caregiver at Clarendon Assisted Living is not a job, it is a calling. Our caregivers dedicate their hearts to our beloved residents, which is why Clarendon is not a facility. It is a home.


Management Team

Justin Levi, Owner

Justin Levi has been a part of the senior care industry for nearly a decade. He was the proprietor, certified administrator, and managing Director of multiple RCFEs, as well as an in-home care agency. During that time, he attained a stellar reputation in the elder care community in Los Angeles, achieved an outstanding record of compliance, and built and refined his model of resident care, supervision, and caring.

For the past five years, Justin has been a consultant in the elder care industry, working with numerous owners and administrators on issues ranging from regulatory compliance, facility operations, marketing, employment compliance, and much more. This helped him to expand his reputation to many sectors of the industry.

Starting in late 2015, Justin, along with his partner, David Ebrami, has brought his years of experience to Clarendon.


David Ebrami, Owner

David Ebrami joins the senior care industry after years of experience in real estate. For years, his connection to his grandparents and his desire to be a part of an industry that does so much good for so many people have drawn him to elder care.


Phillip Pantelic, Director/Admin

Phillip Pantelic has been the director/administrator of Clarendon Assisted Living for several years, after having been hired by the community’s former owner, Nada Kommel. A former EMT, he very quickly fell in love with the elder care industry in general, and with our residents in particular.

Phillip has become an integral part of life here at Clarendon. He is responsible for overseeing all of the day-to-day operations, resident care, and transportation issues.


Rebecca Levi, Activities Director

Rebecca Levi has always had a passion for the elderly. Growing up with her grandparents, she was introduced to life with seniors from an early age. As a young adult, while her friends traveled to exciting locations during their vacations, Rebecca preferred to visit her grandmother, who by then was living in a senior community out-of-state, despite her grandmother’s objections that she should spend time with her friends. For Rebecca, spending time with her grandmother was far more important.

In 2014, Rebecca married Clarendon owner, Justin Levi. She is excited to take over as the community’s activities director, providing a wide range of stimulating activities and events to keep the residents’ minds, bodies, and spirits active and thriving.