There are literally hundreds of residential care homes in the Los Angeles area, and a number of them provide a very high level of care for their residents. However, even some of these high-quality facilities have a very deferential philosophy when it comes to medical professionals.

Here at Clarendon Senior Living, we place an enormous value on the services provided by the great men and women in the health care industry – doctors, nurses, case managers, etc. However, we also understand that no one is perfect, and there are times when medical decisions are not, in fact, in a resident’s best interest.

When that happens, it is the responsibility of the ownership and management of the residential care facility to step in and advocate for the resident. We at Clarendon take pride in our ability and willingness to constantly communicate a resident’s needs to their medical professionals, and advocate for the right decisions to be made. If the wrong medication is prescribed, we will inform the doctor and make sure the order is changed. If a hospital is providing the wrong services or running the wrong tests, we will step in and make sure the situation is resolved. In addition, these are huge burdens that we are able to take off the shoulders of the family.

When your loved one moves into Clarendon Senior Living, you will have peace of mind that he or she is not only well cared for but that we are looking out for his or her best interests at all times.