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Arthritis Care You Can Count On

Do you or a loved one suffer from arthritis? This disability afflicts over 30 million people in the US, who are 65 or older. With so many seniors joining assisted living facilities with this disability, it is essential for the success of residents that caregivers, like those at Clarendon, understand how to properly manage this debilitating issue.

My uncle was put on hospice after a month in the hospital and two failed surgeries. He desperately wanted to return to his assisted living but they would not accept him back due to the level of care he required. The staff at Clarendon not only welcomed my uncle with open arms, they continued to treat him with great care and just as importantly, with dignity and respect for the duration of his stay. David and Justin were always responsive when I had questions and their recommendation for a hospice provider turned out to be a perfect fit for my uncle’s needs. When he passed, David and Justin even attended my uncles funeral to pay their final respects. I could not have asked for more and I highly recommend Clarendon.

Loretta H.

What is the effect of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis on the elderly?

The symptoms of osteoarthritis gradually occur over time. Typically, you will experience soreness and stiffness in your joints that are usually described as an annoyance. Eventually, these pains can lead to issues with sleeping, walking, climbing stairs or other daily activities. With rheumatoid arthritis, your immune system attacks your joints as if they are a foreign invader like a bacterial infection. These flare-ups can cause chronic fatigue, pain and red swollen joints lasting from just a day up to several months.

The quality of life for people with arthritis can be severely impacted due to the chronic discomfort associated with this disability. It can cause feelings of isolation or depression due to forced inactivity from pain. Many times people give up exercise or active hobbies in order to avoid pain, which can lead to further aches by not stretching and using your body.

How do assisted care facilities help with arthritis pain management?

When you are selecting an assisted senior living facility there are several key factors to look for to ensure the highest quality of life for you or your loved one when concerning arthritis pain management. At Clarendon, there are special exercise programs, personalized meal plans and other activities to assist in arthritis pain relief. Combined with the daily charting of vitals, sleep patterns, food intake and more, our staff of caregivers can make sure that your family member is taken care of each moment of the day.

In an effort to help reduce chronic pain, there are a variety of body and wellbeing programs offered by staff members such as gardening, low-impact dancing, and chair exercises. Additionally, the high staff-to-resident ratio allows for more assistance with each one of our clients.

Clarendon – Arthritis care facility – Woodland Hills and Lake Balboa

With personalized care being a cornerstone of our mission at Clarendon, you know that your loved one is in the right hands. When managing arthritis, taking care to eat healthy and maintain an appropriately active life can greatly improve daily life in elderly care facilities. As a home care facility, your loved one will be at ease in an environment tailored to their needs. With whole person programs offered and health checks daily, life at Clarendon is enriching and full. We have locations conveniently located in Lake Balboa and Woodland Hills.