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Colostomy and Ileostomy Management – Dignity & Support When You Need It

Do you or a loved one have an ostomy bag due to Crohn’s disease, colorectal cancer or another illness? Are you worried about how aging will impact the care and attention to properly maintain a stoma? At Clarendon, our caregivers are trained and experienced in dealing with ostomy bags, whether ileostomy or colostomy, with our aging residents.

My mother always said she wanted to stay in her house until she passed, and we tried as long as we could to do just that but there came a time where we had exhausted funds and needed to make a move. She had advanced dementia at that time, COPD, and bedridden but we just couldn't see her in a large skilled nursing facility. We came across Clarendon, and met with Justin and Phillip. They were so nice and accommodating, and really took their time getting to know us and our concerns. The house was clean and comfortable. Even though my mom could not see or leave her room, we walked around and talked with the other residents and staff. We were so happy that we found Clarendon. They gave us the peace we needed.

Heather P

What is the care needed for elderly residents with an ostomy bag?

Having to deal with an ostomy can be difficult enough. When you add the issues that come with aging, such as dementia, your quality of life can be greatly impacted. Forgetfulness, confusion and lack of sense of smell that are typical with dementia or Alzheimer’s can cause a range of negative side effects for your loved one and you as their caregiver. At our Woodland Hills and Lake Balboa homes, our caregivers are highly trained to provide day-to-day assistance as well as ostomy care and maintenance.

The caregivers at Clarendon are skilled at preventing any issues when it comes to our residents’ ostomy needs. Personalized dining menus can help prevent odors or gassy episodes that are typical with this medical device. Along with a regular eating schedule and daily charting of health including sleep patterns, weight and food intake, every measure will be taken to watch for and prevent problems from occurring.

A residential care facility to help manage ostomy needs

Assisted care facilities can fill in the gaps that happen when only one person is caring for an aging loved one with an ostomy. Options that can help, like those at Clarendon Senior Living, include night and one-on-one staffing and medical advocacy. Stop being overwhelmed with the task of taking care of yourself and an aging loved one, and come check out Clarendon where we handle these sometimes challenging health conditions.

Why choose Clarendon as your assisted living facility?

Clarendon is more than a residential care facility for the elderly, it is a place to call home. You and your loved ones can experience the comforts of home surrounded by compassionate caregivers in order to get the most out of the time you spend together. As your number one choice for assisted living senior housing, we create an environment that is safe, healthy and engaging.

Our residents can keep lifelong hobbies like gardening, participate in mind and cognitive programs such as current events, attend religious services and go on field trips as a resident of Clarendon. Join our close-knit family today and come home to Clarendon.