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Daily Charting for Proactive Care

There are a number of benefits that separate Clarendon Senior Living from the competition. At the top of that list is our comprehensive charting program of each resident’s condition.

Each day, our caregivers record the following for each resident:

  • Weight
  • Vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, and temperature)
  • Food intake
  • Fluid intake
  • Sleeping pattern
  • Bathing pattern
  • Walking record
  • Toileting
  • Regular skin checks

My mother always said she wanted to stay in her house until she passed, and we tried as long as we could to do just that but there came a time where we had exhausted funds and needed to make a move. She had advanced dementia at that time, blind, COPD, and bedridden but we just couldn’t see her in a large skilled nursing facility. We came across Clarendon, and met with Justin and Phillip. They were so nice and accommodating, and really took their time getting to know us and our concerns. The house was clean and comfortable. Even though my mom could not see or leave her room, we walked around and talked with the other residents and staff. We were so happy that we found Clarendon. They gave us the peace we needed.

Heather P

By keeping up-to-date records of each resident, we have a full picture of their condition at all times, and are able to stay ahead of any potential problems.  Most importantly, this helps us avoid costly and potentially traumatic hospitalizations, re-admissions, and stays in a rehabilitation facility.

As an example, by taking a resident’s temperature regularly, we will notice if that resident’s temperature is elevated slightly. We can take the resident to the doctor, or have a nurse come to the facility, and if something is wrong, we can have it taken care of easily, perhaps with nothing more than an oral antibiotic.