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Outstanding Diabetes Care for Improved Quality of Life

Do you have a loved one who is 60 years of age or older and looking for diabetes management in a long-term care setting? With 25 percent of people 60 or over having diabetes, it is a major factor in receiving proper care and treatment to achieve a high-quality life. Clarendon residential care facilities for the elderly in the Lake Balboa and Woodland Hills neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California, are small and intimate to provide a safe and comfortable environment for diabetes management.

The process of a close family member going into their final stage of life is very difficult. A lot of reality smacks you in the face. To make the process more tolerable and less painful becomes a major challenge —but that is exactly what happened at Clarendon Senior Living. The warmth and understanding from Justin, David, Philip and staff was well beyond my high expectations. The care level was outstanding and my mom finished her life in a beautiful loving environment——all a son could ask for!

Steve G

What is diabetes care management?

Managing diabetes is part of the daily regimen for those afflicted with this disease. Proper exercise, medication, blood glucose checks and healthy foods play a role in minimizing symptoms and side effects. As you age, it is more important to ensure you work towards being as healthy as possible. Even with proper diet and care, insulin injections and other medications might be necessary to manage your blood sugar levels.

With an elderly assisted living facility like Clarendon, you have help to monitor that medications are properly administered. Our diabetes care management team can even help to hire and negotiate the rate for nurse visits if needed. This can reduce your costs while improving your care. Being an advocate for our residents is crucial to the success and well being of your loved one.

What are the assisted living needs of elderly with diabetes?

At Clarendon, our caregivers are trained to work with residents that have depression, bouts of confusion, hearing loss, blurred vision and limited mobility. We can also take care of diabetes management in patients receiving palliative care along with hospice diabetes management.

Understanding the importance of managed long-term care for diabetes for the elderly is key to the success of our residents. Daily charting of vitals, sleep patterns, food intake, medicine and more ensures our staff is highly knowledgeable about the health and well being of your loved one. Additionally, with individualized tailored meals that are high-quality and nutritious, you can rest easy knowing that the utmost care is being taken with those you love most. If more assistance is needed, optional night staffing and one-on-one care can easily be accommodated by our skilled staff.

Clarendon for managed long-term care of diabetes

Give your loved one a life that is engaging and fun all the way up to the end. With whole person care being a driving focus at Clarendon, you can expect days full of activity. Programs range from mind and cognitive activities to the spirit and soul. Even fun events and hobbies like gardening, karaoke, pet therapy, field trips and religious services are offered for our residents. Come home to Clarendon, a place of compassionate care and fun.