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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the bedrooms semi-private or private?

Most of the rooms at Clarendon Senior Living are private. However, we have several options that are semi-private.

What are Clarendon’s visiting hours?

At Clarendon, we do not believe in visiting hours. You are free to visit your loved ones whenever you wish. While there are certain hours of the day that are less conducive to meaningful family visits, Clarendon is your loved one’s home. As long as he or she is comfortable with your visit, we are comfortable with it as well.

What if a resident does not like what’s being served for a meal?

As you may expect, this happens often. If a resident does not like what is being served, the caregivers will prepare whatever he or she likes. We are always flexible with our residents’ preferences.

Will my loved one be able to get a ride to medical appointments?

Our staff is available for all transportation needs, especially medical appointments.

Where are residents’ medications ordered?

Clarendon Senior Living has a particular pharmacy with which we work. However, it is not required that you utilize this pharmacy as well. Residents are free to select the pharmacy of their choice.

Who is responsible for keeping track of medications?

As surprising as it may be, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) are not required to chart medications. Clarendon Senior Living, on the other hand, has a comprehensive medication administration and charting program, overseen by our director, Phillip Pantelic.

Do the rooms come fully furnished?

All rooms are fully furnished unless the resident brings his or her own furniture. It is highly recommended that residents bring at least some personal items, to help them feel at home.

If my loved one moves in and the care needs increase, will there be a rent increase or fees?

Many facilities raise resident rates only a few months after the resident moves in, claiming that it is because the resident’s care needs have increased. At Clarendon Senior Living, however, when you sign the admission agreement, the specified rate is what you will pay. Our rent increases are done yearly as standard protocol, and if a resident’s care needs increase so significantly that there are additional fees involved, this is discussed with the family, not imposed upon them.

Is there are separate charges for incontinence supplies?

There is an optional charge for incontinent supplies. The family also has the option to purchase the supplies themselves, thereby negating the need for the fee.

Can I have a hospital bed in the bedroom?

Yes, hospital beds are allowed, as long as a doctor’s order is on file. Half bed rails are also allowed for the purpose of repositioning in bed, also with a doctor’s order. If a resident is receiving hospice care, full bed rails are allowed as well.

Can I keep my doctor if I move into Clarendon?

Yes, all of our residents can keep their own doctors. We also work with a network of visiting physicians. This provides a useful alternative for residents who prefer not to leave in order to go to the doctor.

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