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Frail or Gait Impaired? Support to stay active

Do you have an aging relative who is struggling with balance and coordination problems? Do you worry that they will fall and no one will be there to help? Choosing the right elderly care facility can help ease your fears.

My great-aunt, Julia, came to Clarendon following a brief stay at rehab due to a fall she sustained living alone in her home. She was 102 years old at the time…
She has thrived. She is not isolated. She eats VERY well and has gained weight. Julia reached that one year mark and within weeks will turn 104 with no end in sight! And, I’ve not had to worry about her well-being. I attribute it all to the commitment of the Clarendon staff. You are the best!

Adrian K

What causes an unsteady gait?

There are a variety of issues that can cause a family member to have difficulty walking. These include Parkinson’s, a stroke, side effects from medicines, and ear or bacterial infections. These issues with walking or balance can cause lightheadedness and dizziness leading to a higher risk of falling.

How can a home care facility help with balance issues in the elderly?

The proper environment can greatly reduce the risk of falling and therefore injury due to an unsteady gait. Assisted living care facilities, like Clarendon, are structured and designed to prevent these types of common falls due to clutter, slippery showers, or other obstacles. A home-like feel, proper lighting and walkability greatly decrease the risk of falling at our senior living facilities in the Woodland Hills and Lake Balboa neighborhoods.

Other ways long-term care facilities can work with their residents is through body and well-being programs like those at Clarendon. With chair exercises, gardening and even low-impact dancing, we can help your loved one be as flexible, stable and strong as they can. Along with daily charting of vitals, food intake and more, your loved one’s health needs are taken seriously. Our San Fernando Valley locations makes us convenient for families who live in nearby neighborhoods such as:

  • Calabasas,
  • Hidden Hills,
  • Thousand Oaks,
  • Oxnard,
  • Burbank,
  • Santa Monica,
  • And the Los Angeles area.

Clarendon – Assisted senior living for mobility issues

Whole person care is the driving force behind our residential care facilities for the elderly. Obtaining a high-quality of life for your loved one is a priority. They can engage in daily activities and programs to keep their mind and body active. These include arts and crafts, current events, music, karaoke, and religious services. Along with personalized meals and social events like a weekly happy hour, your loved one will enjoy a rich life.

We work with our patients to make sure they are getting the adequate amount of attention and care that their personal situation calls for. Your loved one will be taken care of by our highly trained and experienced caregivers. Our low turnover rate allows strong bonds and connections between residents and caregivers to create a comfortable family-like setting. Call us today to make Clarendon your loved one’s home tomorrow.