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Hospice and Palliative Care for an Easier Transition

Many individuals who have reached a certain point in life have made the decision to begin hospice care. While this is often emotionally difficult, the right hospice agency can provide a tremendous amount of comfort to both the individual and the family.

Individuals that are not quite ready for hospice may benefit instead from palliative care, a transitional phase of care that emphasizes comfort measures while allowing underlying conditions to still be treated.

My uncle was put on hospice after a month in the hospital and two failed surgeries. He desperately wanted to return to his assisted living but they would not accept him back due to the level of care he required. The staff at Clarendon not only welcomed my uncle with open arms, they continued to treat him with great care and just as importantly, with dignity and respect for the duration of his stay. David and Justin were always responsive when I had questions and their recommendation for a hospice provider turned out to be a perfect fit for my uncle’s needs. When he passed, David and Justin even attended my uncles funeral to pay their final respects. I could not have asked for more and I highly recommend Clarendon.

Loretta H.

Clarendon Senior Living is licensed to provide hospice care to multiple residents at a time. We work with several high-quality agencies that provide both hospice and palliative care. For more information or to obtain referrals for the right agency, contact us today.