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Memory Care – Smaller facility for more attention and care

Do you have a loved one who is memory impaired? Diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s can be difficult and confusing to navigate as a family. Choosing a memory care facility, like Clarendon, can ease the emotional and physical burden of such illnesses while giving you and your loved one a high-quality of life. Located in the Lake Balboa and Woodland Hills neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California, our assisted living facilities specialize in the management of our senior residents with memory impairments.

My mother always said she wanted to stay in her house until she passed, and we tried as long as we could to do just that but there came a time where we had exhausted funds and needed to make a move. She had advanced dementia at that time, COPD, and bedridden but we just couldn't see her in a large skilled nursing facility. We came across Clarendon, and met with Justin and Phillip. They were so nice and accommodating, and really took their time getting to know us and our concerns. The house was clean and comfortable. Even though my mom could not see or leave her room, we walked around and talked with the other residents and staff. We were so happy that we found Clarendon. They gave us the peace we needed.

Heather P

What is memory care assisted living?

Memory care environments, like Clarendon, provide high-level elder care services, in addition to highly trained memory caregivers, conscientiously designed facilities to minimize wandering, supervised assistance 24 hours a day and select programs to assist in memory retention. This level of attention is crucial to minimizing the emotional and mental side effects stemming from memory issues. Things such as confusion, depression, poor judgment, anger and aggression can be significantly decreased with proper management.

When should you choose a memory care community?

If your loved one is showing signs of memory impairment from the following list, opting for a memory care home can be helpful for you and them during this unsettling time.

  • Forgetting important information that disrupts daily life.
  • Being confused with the time or place.
  • Hardship completing daily tasks that are familiar, like driving or managing a budget.
  • Struggles with speaking and following conversations.
  • Inability to retrace steps to find lost items.
  • Poor judgment when it comes to personal health, grooming or finances.
  • Personality and mood issues stemming from confusion.
  • Removing themselves from favorite activities or hobbies.
  • Problems with spatial relationships, or difficulty reading.
  • Difficulty with solving problems or planning.

Choosing to join long-term care facilities earlier when symptoms appear can help, and can assist your loved one when dealing with this degenerative disease. This is done by giving them a foundation of living in the senior facility so it is familiar and creates a sense of home before their memory deteriorates, making it a harder transition.

Why choose Clarendon for your memory care assisted living?

When you choose Clarendon, you are showing care for your loved one by putting their health, safety and wellbeing first. With scheduled mind and cognitive programs such as current events, memory games, and arts and crafts, you can be sure that your loved one will have superb care. Our residential care facility for the elderly has a special focus on caring for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.
With a highly experienced staff and a high staff-to-resident ratio, our caregivers treat your loved one like family. With daily charting, personalized dining and a variety of community events and activities, life in our assisted living senior housing is enriching. Join us at Clarendon, a place to call home.