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Optional 1-on-1 Care for Exceptional Service

Clarendon Senior Living provides an excellent level of care and supervision for our residents. However, there are certain individuals that, for various reasons, require their own personal caregivers to attend to them throughout the day, and perhaps the night as well.

Generally, the cost for a family to hire an additional caregiver from an outside agency is extremely prohibitive. As an example, the cost of a caregiver 12 hours per night, 7 days a week will be at least $6,000-$7,000 per month, over and above the cost of the facility.

My great-aunt, Julia, came to Clarendon following a brief stay at rehab due to a fall she sustained living alone in her home. She was 102 years old at the time…
She has thrived. She is not isolated. She eats VERY well and has gained weight. Julia reached that one year mark and within weeks will turn 104 with no end in sight! And, I’ve not had to worry about her well-being. I attribute it all to the commitment of the Clarendon staff. You are the best!

Adrian K

When residents at Clarendon require this additional care, it can be arranged for significantly less than most home care agencies and private caregivers, as we can incorporate it into our existing staffing structure. This is just another way we at Clarendon strive to make your loved ones’ care easier and more affordable.