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Sight and/or Hearing Impaired – Superb Staff and Care

Do you have an aging loved one with a sight disability or hearing impairment? Navigating life in general with these disabilities can be difficult and sometimes scary, especially if these impairments have arisen later in life due to age. Being able to communicate and express yourself is an essential need for all human interaction. Whether verbally or through reading and writing, the inability to communicate can severely impact people’s self-worth and ability to achieve basic human rights. Here at Clarendon, our mission is to provide compassionate care for all of our residents no matter their health conditions.

My mother always said she wanted to stay in her house until she passed, and we tried as long as we could to do just that but there came a time where we had exhausted funds and needed to make a move. She had advanced dementia at that time, COPD, and bedridden but we just couldn't see her in a large skilled nursing facility. We came across Clarendon, and met with Justin and Phillip. They were so nice and accommodating, and really took their time getting to know us and our concerns. The house was clean and comfortable. Even though my mom could not see or leave her room, we walked around and talked with the other residents and staff. We were so happy that we found Clarendon. They gave us the peace we needed.

Heather P

Assisted Living needs for the vision or hearing impaired

The highly trained caregivers at Clarendon understand that hearing loss and sight disability are increased with age due to multiple factors. This has led our senior care facilities in the neighborhoods of Lake Balboa and Woodland Hills in the Los Angeles area to be designed and managed in a way to mitigate these issues and allow our residents to thrive.

Our senior living facilities are small, housing 6 residents, and have a high staff-to-resident ratio. This allows for the time and care needed to ensure your loved one is well taken care of. Daily check-ins to chart vitals, sleep patterns and other health measures help to keep your loved one safe and heard. Small housing that is easy to navigate allows the elderly residents living at Clarendon to feel secure. There is no risk of getting lost in the building or in the crowd.

How to choose the right assisted living facility for the partially deaf or visually impaired

People with severe health conditions excel in elderly living facilities that are small and can create a tailored environment and experience for each resident. Large hotel-like facilities or elderly independent living arrangements that are apartment style, can be wonderful for those who age without disease or disability. Small stable environments that allow for more one-on-one time with disabled residents can greatly improve their quality of life.

Why choose Clarendon as an assisted residential facility for your hearing or vision impaired loved one?

At Clarendon, our dedicated staff understands that aging can be a scary and difficult time for the elderly and their families. Having lifelong or newly acquired disabilities can make it even harder. Our experienced team can help bring happiness and dignity to those who struggle late in life. With a high staff-to-resident ratio and options including night staffing or one-on-one caregiving, your loved one will be taken care of as if they were our family.

We focus on not just getting through the day but enriching every part of life. Community events and whole person care programs keep our staff and clients busy and excited every day. Come home to Clarendon and join in on the fun.