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Stroke Patient Care – Long Term Care You Trust

Have you or a loved one recently suffered a stroke? Are you searching for assisted living facilities for stroke victims that provide a healthy, safe, and organized environment? At Clarendon in the Lake Balboa and Woodland Hills neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California, you can trust you are in the right hands. With one-on-one care and night staffing options available, we allow for the most attentive experience possible. From physical to mental and emotional support, the staff at Clarendon is here for you and your loved ones.

My great-aunt, Julia, came to Clarendon following a brief stay at rehab due to a fall she sustained living alone in her home. She was 102 years old at the time…
She has thrived. She is not isolated. She eats VERY well and has gained weight. Julia reached that one year mark and within weeks will turn 104 with no end in sight! And, I’ve not had to worry about her well-being. I attribute it all to the commitment of the Clarendon staff. You are the best!

Adrian K

What is long-term care for stroke patients?

If you are considering long-term care facilities as an option for your family member to manage their health problems stemming from a stroke, you have several things to consider. Essential tasks such as medical assistance, personal needs like dressing and using the bathroom, housework and making meals and all the small nuances of daily life need to be covered. This can be an overwhelming task for in-home treatment primarily led by friends or family. This is why at our residential care facilities for the elderly, we work to create a safe and enriching environment for those with a wide variety of health conditions.

Our clients benefit from amenities such as daily charting of health and vitals, personalized meals, and whole person care programs for the mind, body and spirit. This ensures that residents in our senior living facilities are getting their basic needs met and beyond. Now your family can enjoy the time you spend together with less stress and worry.

When to look at a long-term facility for a stroke victim

The brain damage caused by a stroke may cause a variety of issues to arise. Due to the nature of these side effects, such as memory, speech or physical impediments, an assisted living facility can help provide a high-quality of life all. Stroke victims need extra care and attention than those who are aging normally. Choosing a continuing care facility, such as Clarendon, can be difficult, but ultimately it can be a choice of health and well-being for you and your loved one.

Why choose Clarendon?

When choosing Clarendon, you are choosing compassionate care. Whole family health is the focus that drives the highly trained and experienced staff in our Woodland Hills and Lake Balboa homes. You and your loved ones can rest easy knowing we employ a highly experienced staff and even host family support groups led by experts. Ensuring the health and safety of our wonderful clients is the backbone of our assisted living facilities. With community gatherings and a variety of health and wellness programs, residents can keep engaging in their favorite hobbies and social events. Come home to Clarendon to live in care and comfort.