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My uncle was put on hospice after a month in the hospital and two failed surgeries. He desperately wanted to return to his assisted living but they would not accept him back due to the level of care he required. The staff at Clarendon not only welcomed my uncle with open arms, they continued to treat him with great care and just as importantly, with dignity and respect for the duration of his stay. David and Justin were always responsive when I had questions and their recommendation for a hospice provider turned out to be a perfect fit for my uncle’s needs. When he passed, David and Justin even attended my uncles funeral to pay their final respects. I could not have asked for more and I highly recommend Clarendon.

Loretta H.

I have had my husband in other board and care facilities, and I feel that Clarendon surpasses the others by far. Their homes are clean and welcoming to the residents, as well as the families and visitors. The staff at Clarendon is warm, caring and attentive. They truly care about the resident and do whatever is needed to ensure that the health and safety of the resident come first.

The owners and manager of the homes are available to discuss any problem that may arise, and help to resolve it immediately. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and comforting even at the most difficult times.

I highly recommend Clarendon Assisted Living homes for your loved one.

Linda O

Thank you more than I have words to express, my appreciation for all you have done and are doing for my little mother, Wid. I wish you could have known her a few years ago to have enjoyed her as the whole person. She was always the best mother ever. Thank you and the Lord bless you.


Bob & I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful care that you and your staff gave to Doris for the final eight years of her life. When this journey began after Bob’s dad’ death, I wasn’t very familiar with these types of illnesses and you did everything to get us both through it! Your dedication & devotion to all of your residents is immeasurable. You are truly a blessing to us and there are happier angels in heaven thanks to you … but for the generous way you share your time and talents with others. Thank You.

Bob & Kim

From the moment we stepped foot into your beautiful Farralone Avenue home, Sally and I knew it would be the perfect place for our mom – and it was. She was so proud of her room and so loved being able to look out onto the patio and garden. She always said, “Well, it isn’t my home but it’s the next best thing.” I know how much she liked you and can’t tell you how much we cherish all of the care and LOVE you’ve given her over the past four years. It’s sad to think we will not be taking mom out to lunch every week and seeing everyone at the house anymore. Lulu and Renee, End and Esther and every one of the caregivers who came before them has been extraordinary. Thank you for providing such magnificent service for our most beloved aging parents.

It is with so much sadness that we say farewell to you. We wish you only the best and hope that you will be quick to find someone who will LOVE Queenie’s beautiful room as much as she did.


You’re all so great! Thank you for making mother so happy and giving her such a safe and beautiful home in which to live. Thank you for giving me such a warm and content feeling in my heart knowing you all care for her so beautifully. Thank you for helping make a quite difficult year into a little easier one for me.


I am writing this letter to highly endorse and recommend Clarendon Senior Living. In May of this year, we needed to find a place for our 87-year-old mother, Mary Wait, who could no longer care for herself at home. We were delighted when we were referred to Clarendon by accent on Seniors Referral Agency. Mother was very resistant to moving out of her home, but after we finally convinced her of the benefits, she was very happy to be in such a wonderful place. Being in a small residential home was most suitable for my mother who does need considerable attention and care for her daily activities, and we could not have asked for a nicer place than Clarendon.

What has made Clarendon so special for our family is not only the well-kept and beautiful home and grounds but more importantly, the care that is given to my mother by the staff. We were very impressed by how helpful she was in making this difficult transition and how concerned she was about out mother’s health and well-being. Mother is very proud of her lovely private room, overlooking the beautiful backyard, and enjoys her new “family”. We call it Clarendon’s Bed and Breakfast for seniors!

Finally, Nada has made a tremendous difference in our lives, knowing my mother is in a wonderful place and is happy and well-cared for. It has taken away the heartache and worry of being a long-distance caregiver. She communicates with us on a weekly basis about how my mother is doing, and keeps us well-informed about all of her activities, from doctor appointments to getting her hair done. She has also been wonderful “counselor” to our family about the difficulties and challenges of caring for senior parents, and we feel very fortunate to have found her.

I would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering placing a loved one under Nada’s care at Clarendon Senior Living.


I was just thinking about you and what a “special” person you are. Your kindness and thoughtfulness with Phyllis were very “heartfelt”, and both Bob and I appreciate everything you did for Phyllis. You became her friend, which she really needed. Not too many people were close to her … I truly believe you meant more to her than you will ever know.

Thank you again for being part of our lives. I will never forget you.


I hardly know how to articulate my feelings to you. You already know how grateful I am to you for taking my mom into your life and your heart – and for how lovingly you cared for her in the last years of her life. I’m only sorry that you didn’t have a chance to know her before she got sick – you would have liked each other, I’m certain.

Thank you also for helping me to prepare for the inevitable – your emotional support meant so much to me throughout the time we’ve known each other. I think the feelings of loss are great, but somehow the will to overcome and survive continues – it’s clear from whom I inherited it! You will always be part of my family & in my heart – as I know you were in hers.


God Bless you & the work you do! We are so grateful that God brought us to you at a most difficult time in our & mom’s life. We would recommend you to anyone with a loved one who needs care. May this be so long for now not goodbye!

The Brouns

Anyone can buy and furnish a house. Clarendon has infused spirit and created a happy home for our aging parents.


You are truly an amazing woman! I can’t begin to tell you how important you became to our lives in such a short time. You helped to make a very difficult time so much easier. Thank God there are people like you in this world.

Jerri, Kelly & Greg

I have been a resident at Clarendon Assisted Living for over 5 years. For the first two years, I was in a semi-coma, and the caregivers and management were at my bedside 24/7. After I improved, I was able to join the other residents, both in the common area, as well as the backyard, which is a great place to socialize. The whole environment makes me feel like myself again. In addition, the rooms are very clean and well taken care of.

The caretakers at Clarendon are superb and cater to the individual needs of the residents. The menu is also adjusted according to whatever the residents like.

The owners of Clarendon are excellent, as is the Administrator, as they watch out for their residents, and truly care about them. The Administrator takes us to all medical appointments, as well as other meetings and errands. The entire management goes out of their way to see that everyone is happy and content.

I couldn’t be happier being here at Clarendon Assisted Living!

Stephanie G.

Current Resident